About Us

Our track record, experience and the great number of transactions and successfully resolved cases makes us one of the law firms with the highest reputation in the Dominican Republic in terms of earnestness and ethics in the work performed and the advice presented.

We have more than 28 years providing the highest quality legal services to a broad spectrum of clients in a wide range of industries, such as: banking and insurance, consumer products, real estate, advertising and media, oil and byproducts, industrial manufacturing, among others; all of different sizes and capacities, from family owned enterprises to multinational conglomerates.

Our team of professionals complements its experience in the practice of law with relevant positions held in the Public Office and the Judicial Branch, having worked as ambassadors, official representatives of the country at international congresses and organizations, legislators, directors of government entities and judges.

We comply with the highest standards for competency in order to produce unmatched quality work; putting our client’s interests above all others and treating each case with extreme thoroughness.

All of the above and the zeal with which we assume our work make us our clients’ first option when treating matters of the highest importance.