International Business and Commerce

At Esquea & Valenzuela we offer counsel in customs matters, import and export methods and procedures, antimonopoly, custom taxes, antidumping, subsidies and other commerce practices.

Our lawyers have held posts as ambassadors and official representatives of the country at international congresses and organizations; complementing their already solid legal experience in these matters.

In addition, we provide advice in relation to all incentive schemes offered by the Dominican government to develop international commercial transactions, including the following services:

  • Opinions on international treaties in respect to the commercialization of goods and services to and from the Dominican Republic
  • Advisory in the application of norms, statutes and laws of the Dominican Republic, for national and imported goods
  • Importing and Exporting procedures
  • Advisory regarding CAFTA and other international free trade agreements

Given the diversity in our clients’ legal needs, this practice is complemented with the services we provide in the areas of:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Corporate Law
  • Legal Audit and Due Diligence

Contact us to obtain more information on how we may assist you with regards to any commercial aspect of your interest in the Dominican Republic.